DuraBuilt Construction, Inc. is ready to provide you with design-build construction in Sunnyvale and the surrounding area. Our team of professional contractors will work with you every step of the way to understand the vision for your home or commercial building. Design-build construction allows for us to overlap the design and build phases of a project, meaning we can more quickly adapt if problems arise or plans need to be rearranged.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term “design-build construction,” we’ll help make it sound less intimidating. Design-build construction (also known as D-B, design/construct, or single-source responsibility) is a favorable alternative to the traditional design-bid-build method of construction. Essentially, design-build construction simply means one individual contractor is responsible for both the designing of a project as well as the actual building of the project.


Traditionally, two separate entities would be hired to work on either the design or the build phase, and then are required to work together in order to see a project through its completion. However, there are some problems with the traditional approach, as outlined below.

The designer and builder might not be on the same page  •  Projects take longer when they must pass through two or more separate contractors  •  The client must build a trusting relationship with both the designer and the builder  •  More contractors means more room for miscommunication and delay


Because of the elimination of two separate contractors, many of our clients prefer design-build construction. When our team is given the ability to design, plan, and build a project from start to finish, we are more familiar with the clients wants and needs and the details of each job. We build strong, trusting relationships with our clients, breathing life and beauty into their dreams and making their dream designs become a reality.

The use of a single contractor means it is easier to modify plans as needed during the building phase, thus overlapping the design and build phases into one organic unit. This translates to less time needed to complete construction projects, fewer risks, and fewer expenses to our clients.

  • Faster project completion

  • Fewer client expenses

  • Fewer associated risks

  • Higher quality

  • Less room for miscommunication


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