Remodel finished with custom roof in Mountain View Remodel finished with custom roof in Mountain View Remodel finished with custom roof in Mountain View Remodel finished with custom roof in Mountain View Remodel finished with custom roof in Mountain View Remodel finished with custom roof in Mountain View

General Contractor in Mountain View

Practicality is a key component with any Mountain View new construction project.


Create and expand with Durabuilt’s general contractors in Mountain View.

  • Commercial or residential property
  • New Construction Projects
  • Room Additions
  • Remodels
  • Green Construction

Durabuilt Inc. is a general contractor that is licensed by the California Contractor’s State License Board.

Our general contractors know that each project is more than building supplies and strategic planning. Your construction project is an idea that was fueled by a feeling, which has created a unique opportunity for your home to evolve, and expand its current personality.

Our team gets excited with each project because it is an opportunity to transform your dream project into a reality, and share the experience with our clientele in Mountain View, CA. Our professional experts will listen to your construction project idea, and our general contractors will recommend ideas, which have proven successful in our past experience.

After the initial consultation is complete, a general contractor or builder will arrive at your residence on time with the construction project details. Whether the project is prescribed as a remodel or new construction, our general contractor will discuss the project with you, and implement changes that both of you feel are necessary. Once the planning phase is finalized, the general contractor will make an assessment of the project site and provide additional information.

  • Finalize a list of building supplies and required permits.
  • Provide a calculated estimate with encompassing costs for your review and final approval.
  • A detailed illustration that represents project layout.
  • Milestones for each construction phase.
  • A timeline with a final completion date.

Our project mindset is flexible.

Durabuilt’s general contractors understand changing or altering a construction plan is necessary because your needs are in constant motion. Our general contractor’s primary focus is providing customer satisfaction to our Mountain View, CA residents, and completing your construction project that will fulfill your desire for many years.

Mountain View, CA residents love their quaint city for its landscape, community involvement, family atmosphere and gorgeous homes. With a safe atmosphere for your children, incredible school system and increasing real estate value through 0ut Mountain View, CA, you are living in the perfect scenario for your family to enjoy, and increase the value of your home in the present and the future.

The average and median real estate in Mountain View, CA has increased in value quickly. For new homeowners, this is a unique opportunity to entertain a New Construction Project, so you can build your family’s most valuable asset, which is your home. A new construction project allows you to infuse your own character and personality throughout the home, which will prove its value in the real estate market immediately.

If you have an existing home, a room addition or remodel will increase the value of your current home. Durabuilt Inc. understands you enjoy your home’s décor and existing floor plan, but the thought of expanding your home, or giving a specific room a facelift is exciting and a profitable investment.