Durabuilt complete room additions in Sunnyvale. Durabuilt complete room additions in Sunnyvale. Durabuilt complete room additions in Sunnyvale. Durabuilt complete room additions in Sunnyvale. Durabuilt complete room additions in Sunnyvale. Durabuilt complete room additions in Sunnyvale.

Room Additions

Durabuilt Construction, Inc. Provides Quality Room Additions in Sunnyvale

new room addition in sunnyvale built by durabuilt construction

At Durabuilt Construction, Inc., we are in the business of making a house more of a home for our residential clients. We understand that as your family grows, your home needs to grow, too. Rather than uprooting your family and familiar routine, a room addition can give your family more space to live, play, or work without the chaos of having to move to an entirely new home. Our contractors at Durabuilt are certified and knowledgeable of today’s best practices and safety standards. We can come into your home and perform a preliminary inspection, discuss possible options, and formulate a plan for your room addition in Sunnyvale. Call us today to start the process and take one step closer to having a bigger home!

A Room Addition Can Make Your House a Home

Why should you consider a room addition? You might have started out with a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house, thinking that would be enough for your needs. Then you had a second child and decided that you wanted a dedicated office space for working from home. Eventually, you know you will want a fourth room so that the two kids can have their own space—and you can have yours. It is likely that you’ve already grown to love your current living space, so you are hesitant to start over somewhere else. This is when a room addition is right for you and your family. Here are some situations where we’ve had clients request a room addition in the past:

  • Expanding your family – children can share a room for only so long before they want their own space to live and play. You might also want to use an extra room for some personal space, such as a workout room or place to keep all the kids’ toys.
  • Expanding your business – this applies to both residential and commercial customers. Many clients work from home nowadays, so a room dedicated to your small business will greatly increase productivity. If you work in a commercial building and are planning to hire more employees, a larger break room or more private offices will likely be on your to-do list.
  • Making a dedicated hobby room – if you’re an avid musician, photographer, painter, or general crafty person, then a room dedicated to your passion is a must-have.
  • Making a home office – if you work from home seven days a week or just for a few hours, a home office provides the peace and quiet needed to help you concentrate on your business.

A Purpose for Every Room

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At Durabuilt, we believe that every room should be utilized to its fullest. Below are some ideas for your new room addition in Sunnyvale:

  • Extra bedroom or guest room
  • Mother-in-law unit
  • Music room
  • Game room
  • Play room
  • Exercise room
  • General recreation room
  • Hobby room (crafts, games, art, etc.)
  • Dining room or living room
  • Garage expansion
  • Work room
  • Sun room
  • Den

Durabuilt is a Name You Can Trust

Our team of experts at Durabuilt Construction, Inc. always provide you with accurate cost estimates, honest time frame completion dates, and excellent customer service. We never cut corners or sacrifice the integrity of the design and functionality of your new room addition in Sunnyvale. When you let Durabuilt Construction, Inc. give you a new room addition, you can feel secure in the fact that your room has been made with safety and durability in mind at all points in the process. We want to ensure that you are satisfied with your new room addition in Sunnyvale. Call us today so we can bring new life to your current home or place of business.