Total home remodel from a great contractor in the bay area Total home remodel from a great contractor in the bay area Total home remodel from a great contractor in the bay area Total home remodel from a great contractor in the bay area Total home remodel from a great contractor in the bay area Total home remodel from a great contractor in the bay area


Customize your home or office with a remodeling construction project.

Durabuilt Construction can do a full home remodelAfter a social gathering at your next door neighbor’s house, you and your husband comment to each other about the recent construction upgrades, and remodeling projects that caught your eye during the evening. You were particularly impressed with the neighbor’s new kitchen island and sky light, which provided convenience and trapped natural light within the kitchen simultaneously.

Your husband was equally impressed, but he loved the double sinks in the bathroom, including the adjacent steam shower with frosted glass. He says, “Could you image, you and I would no longer have to schedule an appointment to brush our teeth, and you could take your time with your morning grooming session.” You look at each other with a blank stare, and a sigh of relief expels from your mind.

Create your project’s vision with our general contractors.

Durabuilt Inc. is a full service general contractor that is licensed by the California Contractors State License Board.

Durabuilt Inc. offers several remodeling options tailored to your project needs.

  • Room or multiple room remodels.
  • Whole house remodels.
  • Business office remodels.

Our general contracting team is excited to begin your remodeling project.

Home remodel in Menlo Park can turn any space into a special placeOur contracting team will listen to your project details, then our experts will offer recommendations, which will build upon your original remodeling vision.

  • Commercial or residential property
  • Installation of additional electrical outlets
  • Upgrade your electrical capacity from 110v to 220v
  • Alter, replace or upgrade kitchen & bathroom fixtures
  • Install a kitchen island with plumbing fixtures
  • Upgrade or replace plumbing pipes
  • Install various window types & styles, even sky lights
  • Replace, upgrade or install flooring, cabinets or shelves

Collaborate with a professional, experienced contractor.

Working in collaboration with you, our general contracting team will be able to envision your room remodel, office remodel or whole house remodel with a definitive construction plan that will bring your vision to life.

Home remodeling in sunnyvale can give you the home of your dreamsOnce you have completed the preliminary project planning with our consultation team, Durabuilt Inc. will schedule an appointment for our general contractor to meet with you and further discuss the remodeling project. Before our general contractor engages your remodeling project, the contractor will complete a room or office site assessment.

  • Building supplies, fixtures and permits required to complete the remodel.
  • A comprehensive, calculated project estimate for your review and final approval.
  • A detailed illustration that showcases specific alterations to be completed.
  • Project time line and milestones.
  • Targeted final completion date.

If you have any questions before or during the remodeling phase, our general contractors encourage you to intervene because our primary focus is building a collaborative relationship, which is built upon trust and customer satisfaction.