Sunnyvale New Construction Project in progress. Sunnyvale New Construction Project in progress. Sunnyvale New Construction Project in progress. Sunnyvale New Construction Project in progress. Sunnyvale New Construction Project in progress. Sunnyvale New Construction Project in progress.

New Construction in Sunnyvale

Durabuilt New Construction in Sunnyvale – Helping to Make Your Vision Come to Life

New Construction foundation work.

Durabuilt is different from your average contractor. As a proud member of Silicon Valley, we care about making your vision a reality. Specializing in new construction in Sunnyvale, you can feel confident knowing that we understand the complicated process from start to finish. We know the right paperwork to file, when to file it, and the steps to follow in order to ensure that your Sunnyvale new construction endeavors go smoothly and speedily. If you’re looking for a certified, professional, and friendly contractor to fulfill your new construction needs in the Sunnyvale area, then Durabuilt Construction, Inc. is the company for you.

We offer new construction services for the following building types:

  • Office buildings
  • Educational centers
  • Government buildings
  • Commercial and retail buildings
  • Residential units

Take a look at our new roofing construction and green building pages for information on how Durabuilt Construction, Inc. can help you to build ethical, eco-friendly new construction in Sunnyvale and nearby areas.

We Have Expertise in Many New Construction Areas

At Durabuilt, we make sure to stay well-versed in many areas of new construction. This ensures that we are ready and able to take on any and all projects that come our way. We are trained in the following areas of new construction in Sunnyvale:

  • residential new construction
  • commercial new construction
  • multi-family new construction
  • affordable housing new construction
  • energy efficient new construction
  • luxury homes new construction

Your New Construction Project Made Simple

At Durabuilt Construction, Inc., we make it our priority to make the entire process of your new construction project seamless and stress-free. In order to ensure that all of our Sunnyvale new construction projects are completed according to schedule, we follow an efficient process as outlined below:

  1. Site survey. During this initial phase, we get to know the site and take note of any potential complications or necessary work-arounds before beginning any new construction.
  2. Blueprint layout. After getting to know the property, we can begin to draw up detailed blueprints of the design and run the by the client for approval.
  3. Paperwork. New construction in Sunnyvale requires more paperwork than traditional construction. We put together and file a packet of all required permits, electrical, plumbing, and other construction services required to complete your new construction project.
  4. Materials. We consult the client regarding any desired building materials so we can have everything on hand before construction begins.
  5. Estimate. Durabuilt always provides a detailed cost estimate for every Sunnyvale new construction project. We want our clients to know what we plan to do and ensure we stick within the proposed budget, allowing the client to review and approve of the cost plan.
  6. Timeline. In order to ensure we stay on time, we create a detailed timeline and set of milestones so you can track our progress throughout the entirety of its lifespan.
  7. Completion. Once we have completed your new construction project, you’re ready to open your building to customers.

New Construction in Sunnyvale – Just a Phone Call Away

At Durabuilt Construction, Inc., we value our customers and do what we can to maintain high quality customer service. We care about our clients, we care about safety, and we care about the integrity of your vision, design, and final new construction product. We want all of our new construction buildings to be state-of-the-art, sustainable, and lasting for decades to come. Our team of experts at Durabuilt possess the knowledge needed in order to take on any and all forms of new construction in Sunnyvale. That’s a guarantee.